Trade Show Cases

Trade Show Cases

Most industries host annual trade shows by region or by state where businesses can get together and showcase their products and services.

These events are a prime location for networking in the industry, but they also provide businesses with exposure to new clients by giving them a chance to showcase themselves to a new crowd. Businesses typically register a booth or display area with the organizers of the trade show and then set up a place where people can interact with company representatives and view some of the products that the company has to offer.

This hands-on experience is a major perk for interested buyers because they get the chance to see the product in action and speak with someone who knows all about the company that made it. To transport their products and displays to a show, company representative use trade show cases.

Large Custom Exhibit Case
Large Custom Exhibit Case – Custom Case Company, Inc.

These cases come in a wide variety of sizes, but they are great for transporting large objects because their rigid exterior protects the content from damage. The exterior is usually constructed using heavy duty plastic or aluminum that can have a label or business logo attached to it. Small wheels are fitted to the bottom of the case so that heavy items can be rolled along the ground, and there are usually handles somewhere on the case to make it easier to lift or pull.

If the objects inside could easily be scratched or damaged, a custom foam insert is installed to keep them from moving around during transportation. Because many trade show cases are used as display items at the trade show once they are opened, some of them have multiple compartments and drawers built in to them.

Trade shows are popular in industries like agriculture, marine technology, IT, construction, landscaping and more. Because each industry is constantly changing and developing new technology to meet the needs of the workplace, trade shows are the perfect venue to debut new tools and communicate the findings of industry studies.

Large corporations that attend and sponsor trade shows have very large display areas, so they need trade show cases to move all of their equipment and store it efficiently. Many exhibitors travel the country and attend a long list of trade shows to showcase their business, so it makes sense to have something that makes traveling with cargo fast and simple.