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Carrying cases are typically manufactured from one of three materials: aluminum, plastic or laminated plywood, all of which are considered hard cases. Aluminum cases are exceptionally hard, providing superior impact protection as transit cases or shipping cases; rotationally molded plastic cases are often manufactured to be water-proof and extremely durable, keeping sensitive equipment safe even in the harshest of conditions. ATA cases are fabricated from laminated plywood with nickel-plated steel ball corners and hinge hardware according to Air Transport Alliance shipment case regulations and are frequently used as shipping cases or as sound and electronic equipment transit cases. Many of these are considered waterproof cases, which are completely air tight. However, many carrying case providers also manufacture soft cases as well. These cases are made from non-rigid materials such as vinyl, leather, canvas, suede or neoprene. They may be sewn by hand or by machine and are available in many different sizes, shapes and colors to fit the customer’s needs or for commercial appeal.

Many businesses and individuals rely on carrying cases for a wide variety of uses. Because of globalization, markets and opportunities have opened up across the world and traveling and shipping has become commonplace. Virtually every business benefits from safe and effective transportation and carrying cases contribute to that. Professionals in the aerospace, medical, telecommunication, industrial, manufacturing, electronic, digital, video, photography, construction, sales, defense, music and other industries all rely on carrying cases. Some of the many items that are stored, protected and transported in these cases are laptops, satellites, cameras, firearms, sales posters, musical instruments, handheld tools, televisions and anything else that is delicate, sensitive or fragile. Although ATA cases are used primarily in the sound and music industry, ATA transit cases were traditionally standardized for airline travel and shipment, and ATA cases continue to be used as shipping cases and airline cases for a variety of electronic equipment. Many ATA and aluminum cases are customized to hold sound boards and other electronic control panels permanently, with hinged breakaway sections. Aluminum cases may be small, briefcase-sized or they may be large shipping boxes designed for carrying sensitive lab microscopes, electronic gaming equipment, wine glasses or any other type of delicate product.

Some Leading Manufacturers

New World Case, Inc.

Uxbridge, MA | 888-883-0107

New World Case is your source for high quality custom and stock cases. Whether you need a shipping case, ATA case, monitor case, or any other kind of case, we are confident that we have the perfect solution for you. We have served many different industries including the military, engineering, IT, trade show, and biotech industries, and we know we have the right case for you as well! Give us a call or visit our website for a complete look at our inventory!

Custom-Pak, Inc.

Clinton, IA | 563-242-1801

Since 1974, Custom-Pak has been your source for blow-molded plastic cases. As one of the largest blow molding companies in the world, we have the capacity to handle all of your custom blow molding requirements. We supply custom tool cases, plastic chests, and carrying cases for almost any industry and application. With ISO 9001:2008 certification, you can count on us for the very best cases the industry has to offer. Call us for more information!

Premier Pack International

Brooklyn, NY | 800-555-5186

We offer a massive a selection of different types of carrying cases made from a variety of different materials including nylon, leather, pvc, plastic and more. Our value added solutions are very affordable and it is our mission to exceed all of your expectations. Our teams will work with you to design the perfect solution for your application. Please give us a call today to learn more information about our products and services.

Carry Cases Plus

Paterson, NJ | 866-712-2737

As a family owned business with over 25 years of experience in the custom and stock case industries, Carry Cases Plus is the natural choice for all of your carrying case needs. We specialize in providing custom blow molded and injection molded plastic cases, and we also provide custom foam insert fabrication to ensure optimal protection for all your items. You can count on us to provide the right case at the right price, so contact us today!

Royal Case Company, Inc.

Sherman, TX | 903-868-0288

As a premium carrying case supplier, Royal Case Company designs and manufactures all kinds of carrying cases to meet the needs of many different industries. Custom soft-sided carrying cases are our specialty, but we also manufacture computer cases, plastic cases, aluminum cases, instrument cases, and practically any other case you could ever need. All our cases are designed to your specifications, so contact us today for your carrying case solutions!

Fieldtex Products, Inc.

Rochester, NY | 800-353-7763

Over the years, our customers have come to insist on our huge selection of carrying case solutions. At Fieldtex Products, if you can’t find the perfect case for your requirements, we will work with you to create a high quality custom case. With custom sewing services, we can provide all kinds of soft cases, and we also offer blow molded cases in a huge variety of sizes. Visit our website to view all our carrying case options, and give us a call to discuss your requirements!

Packateers, Inc.

West Chester, PA | 610-436-4750

Packateers is your source for quality-constructed carrying cases at affordable prices. We specialize in designing and manufacturing plastic cases. Our capabilities include vacuum forming, injection molding, and blow molding, so we can manufacture all kinds of plastic cases for your specific requirements! We offer many different stock cases, but our expertise truly shines in our ability to fabricate custom cases. Give us a call today for your affordable custom carrying case solutions!

Custom Case Company, Inc.

Chicago, IL | 773-585-1164

At Custom Case Company, we provide you with the very best custom case solutions available. Just tell us your dimensions and requirements, and we’ll do the rest! Over our more than 20 years of service, we have created cases for practically every application you can imagine, and we are proud of our versatility and ability to meet all our customers’ needs. Whether you need soft cases, hard cases, exhibit cases, or any other custom case, we will deliver a truly exceptional solution!

Custom Case Group

San Dimas, CA | 909-758-5171

Here at Custom Case Group, we are dedicated to serving our customers with design and manufacturing excellence. We take great care to ensure that each of our cases provides the very best performance for our customers’ most demanding requirements. We specialize in engineering custom cases for practically any application, whether it is for the battlefield or for medical devices. Contact us today to discuss your applications and carrying case needs!

Rotationally molded plastic carrying cases tend to be used in heavy duty and industrial settings as shipping cases, tool cases and transit cases for extreme environments while blow molded cases provide low to medium impact resistance as a cost-effective alternative to rotationally molded cases. Plastic cases may also be formed through injection molding where hot plastic is poured into a mold cavity and left until cool. Another kind of hard plastic case is reinforced with fiberglass to form a very durable and stiff material. Shipping cases and tool cases generally are transported from one point to another and back again while under fairly regular and standard conditions. However, transit cases are often used for extreme conditions. Transit cases that meet military specifications, also known as rackmount cases, are made from ultra-durable plastic or aluminum. Capable of being both airtight and waterproof, rackmount cases contain an inner frame that is mounted within the exterior with shocks; this inner frame acts as a replacement to foam padding, offering superior shock absorption for sensitive equipment protection over jarring or rocky terrains. Because of the materials and fabrication methods used, rackmount and transit cases offer high performance durability and dependability. Strength-to-weight ratios differ and certain materials provide attributes that other materials do not.

Fabrication methods influence the strength, shock absorption and fracture resistance of a carrying case, and different case materials offer different benefits. All case types, with the exception of rack mount cases, are lined with foam padding which may or may not be custom cut for specific objects. Foam may be open cell or closed cell, depending on the amount of impact absorption necessary. Aluminum cases are typically fabricated by drawing before being equipped with hardware; many aluminum cases are manufactured to be water and air tight, providing an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and shielding from electromagnetic interference. Blow molded cases are not optimal for high impact, rugged applications, although they may provide cost effective protection in medium to low impact shipping and transportation. Rotationally molded plastic cases have superior grainflow strength, and can withstand impressive amounts of pressure and shock. Some ATA cases do not actually adhere to Air Transit Alliance regulations, being fabricated similarly but without the same strength and impact resistance; true ATA adherence cases conform to strict material and construction regulations, including hardware material and placement such as steel ball corners and large steel hinges, laminated paneling and stress testing. Aluminum and rackmount cases tend to range higher in price, while ATA and rotomolded cases are mid range.

New World Case, Inc.

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